All universities are equal…

…though some (especially the larger, more disparate institutions) may be more equal than others. I remember talking about web content management problems with Gerry McGovern in 2006, and he told me “all universities are the same.” At the time, I was still project manager at Leiden University, so naturally, I had to disagree and say ours really was different — to which he replied “that’s what they all say.” I liked the irony in that comment, and talking to visitors at conferences recently, I’m starting to see his point. Continue reading “All universities are equal…”

Coming second in a one-horse race

While writing reviews for the new Enterprise Search Report, I found myself frequently saying you should test the effectiveness of a given product against your own corpus of content, which is reiterated in the Report’s “Advice” section. But I can’t help but wonder how often an actual bake-off between vendors on a shortlist is organized. Continue reading “Coming second in a one-horse race”