“I’m sorry, but I never signed up to be your customer”: when your supplier gets acquired

Big Fish Eating Small FishFact of life in technology: smaller companies get acquired by large ones all the time. If, like me, you tend to favor best-of-breed solutions; where you’re an important customer to a medium sized company; and get to influence the roadmap – this is a problem. Suddenly, you’ll get an email: “We’re proud to announce”, some details of the acquisition, and “it will be business as usual”. The founders are happy with their big pay day (as well they should), and their friends are congratulating them on Twitter and LinkedIn.
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The difference between CMS and ECM

enterpriseThere’s a lot of alphabet soup in online and digital. One distinction that keeps confusing us is between CMS and ECM. What’s Enterprise Content Management (ECM)? How is it different from Content Management and a CMS? And does it have something to do with Star Trek? Continue reading “The difference between CMS and ECM”

Social Media in One or Two Words

socmedIt’s an interesting question: what is social media, anyway, to a modern professional? As a hectic work week was dwindling to an end on Thursday afternoon (Dubai work weeks are Sunday to Thursday — starting on Sunday is still weird, but starting the weekend on Thursday never gets old), I was chatting with my colleague Fouad Massoud. He’s in charge of MBC’s social media efforts (which he built from zero to an audience of millions), so he usually has some interesting points of view. As he was discussing how professional networking is transitioning from Twitter to LinkedIn, he pointed out one issue with LinkedIn: where do you find active, interesting groups? Continue reading “Social Media in One or Two Words”

Building for Failure

Facebook is DownIf you’re running an online business, it’s one of the worst things that can happen: your site could fail or your app could break. And you’ve probably heard of the famous Silicon Valley mantra “Fail Fast, Fail Often”, but that’s definitely not what you want your servers to do. How do you avoid this?  Continue reading “Building for Failure”

How to be an Expert in Absolutely Everything

Did you ever come across someone who seemed to know everything? An expert in not just one thing, but many things across different disciplines? Who not only stunned you with a wealth of trivia, but also all the applicable anecdotes, and the relevant facts to almost anything that would come up in conversation? I’m sure you have. And if that made you think you’d want to be more like that, the good news is: it’s easy! You only need two skills and this one weird trick. Continue reading “How to be an Expert in Absolutely Everything”

The Problem with Hadoop

Fake ElephantFirst, let’s be clear: I really like Hadoop, and not just because it’s named after a yellow toy elephant. But over the past few years, “Hadoop” has also become an almost mystical term, happily sprinkled throughout marketing brochures. So, to be fair, it’s not Hadoop that is the problem — the problem is about Hadoop and how it is perceived. And I’m not going to go into great technical details, but there are a few problems with that perception. Continue reading “The Problem with Hadoop”

Presentation: From Pages to People

Magnolia ConferenceAt the end of June, I spent a few days in Basel, Switzerland at the Magnolia CMS Conference. In my presentation, in forty minutes, I tried to cover how a modern site needs to change from funnel to journey, what tools you can use for this, the infrastructure that ties all this together. And of course, penguins. A lot of penguins. Magnolia has created great videos of all the presentations, so if you have some time to waste, here’s mine. Continue reading “Presentation: From Pages to People”

“Visitors”: between Big Data and CRM

LHC : CMS waiting for tracker insertionIf you’re a media company, or a publisher, and you look at “Big Data”, chances are you’re not talking about something like the 25 Petabytes produced annually by the Large Hadron Collider. The visitors of your sites or the users of your apps may be a large group of unknowns to you; but you’re not trying to find a Higgs in a haystack. You’re likely thinking about a lot of data; but is that really Big Data? Continue reading ““Visitors”: between Big Data and CRM”

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Managing Content in the Middle East

Tunisia-3749 - Here comes the sun.....It’s been two years now since I graduated from being “regular visitor” to “permanent resident” in the Middle East. In the digital space, it’s an area of huge potential, and that’s of course what attracted me in the first place. It’s tempting to say the region is a few years behind the state-of-the-art in the U.S. and E.U., but that’s an oversimplification. In many ways, it’s just….different. Continue reading “Managing Content in the Middle East”

The Myth of the Millennial

158/366I’m getting a bit tired of generalisations about generations. Categorisations like Baby Boomers, Generation X, Y, Z, and Millennials have a habit of turning into useless simplifications. Especially if it’s then implied that this means we’re now going to need some sort of YOLO for enterprise apps. Continue reading “The Myth of the Millennial”

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